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World music: Oceanic music

In Oceanic music we find three musical cultures that are quite distinct from each other:

-Maori music in New Zealand.
-Australian Aborigins music.
-Music in Indonesia and Malaysia.

One of the most important factsaspectos,hechos of these musical cultures is the use of natural instruments without any human modification.

-Maori music

It´s mainly vocal music. The songs dealto deal: tratar about war, love stories and lullabiescanciones de cuna, nanas. The instruments, mainly wood and percussion, are made from wood, bones, stones and concha shell. In this time they used modern instruments like the guitar or the ukulele as well.
-Music from the Australian Aborigines

Actually, music is essential in both their social life and religious practices. Songs are the link between human beings and God.

Australian instruments are simple. The main one is the didjeridoo, a big hallow trunktronco sagrado with a hypnotic and relaxing sound.


-Music in Indonesia and Malasya

The most important musical ensemble in this culture is the gamelan who was made up of thirty musicians. The main instruments are xylophone, metallophone, tambourines and gongs. Normally, they compose variations of a simple melody which can be accompanied by voices and recorders.

Gamelan Galak Tika

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